Non-profit, student driven entrepreneurial organization


We inspire startups. Events happen every semester at the Glassalen, Kantine at 101 and the library in collaboration with DTU Skylab, Venture Cup. Promoting entrepreneurship as a career choice, we bring the students, student-entrepreneurs a window into the life of a company, their founders, the struggles and the successes. All the inspirational events happen during the lunch break for approximately 25 minutes where you can bring your food in as well. Keep a sharp lookout on the Facebook Page and the notice boards scattered around campus.

Spreading Knowledge

We strive to help spread knowledge about the entrepreneurship community that calls ‘Copenhagen’ as home. We encourage students and student-entrepreneurs to contact us and request assistance to the things that they are doing. Contact us if you have any question that you feel is relevant for you to get it answered, if we can’t answer you, we will definitely let you know the best place and person who can help you and get your question answered.


We support student entrepreneurs and their ideas. Through out robust professional network, we make a lot of effort to help student startups and student entrepreneurs to receive the best advice, great investment sources and knowledge base. And we are always one email away from helping the student startup community. In addition to the professional assistance from Stardust’s partners and mentors, you can also get help from Stardust itself regarding your startup.

Stardust Startup Program

We are proud to introduce the renewed Stardust Startup Program. It is a 13-week growth program envisioned to spread knowledge on founding a company, getting the product out your door and giving you the skills necessary to take your idea to the next level. Working with our partners, we strive to ensure you get the best information and assistance possible in making the most of your idea. Scroll down to read more.

Stardust Startup Program

The startup program provides the student entrepreneurs and their companies a springboard. A springboard to greater things for their product and their idea to revolutionize the world. Our alumni represent the best of DTU’s student entrepreneurs representing every field from clean energy technology, medicine and drug delivery to software and hardware services. This is a community for the student entrepreneurs from DTU and we are proud to have them here. The founders of the various companies range from bachelor students to master students, post-docs and some times DTU alumni as well.

Individual Mentors

At Stardust-DTU, each startup is individually assisted and supported. We assign a mentor from our pool experts who range from industry experts, serial entrepreneurs, legal advisors, business developers and venture capitalists. Mentors provide each team their personal guidance. The startups are free to setup their meetings with their assigned mentors and they are also free to contact other mentors in the program and solicit their assistance. Building relationships with these startups does not only allow you to utilize their special networks but also enables to gain guidance to build the company going forward.


Before it was called the Stardust Startup Program, it was called CreaTech. Our startups from CreaTech have found success with their companies and are on the road to being great ones in the field. The last 6 months of our own Stardust Startup Program has been a considerable success. Our companies have managed to win development competitions and get fresh investment. They are finding it easier to manage their companies and we are proud that they are growing in their stature.

They have raised funds from various venture funding companies in Copenhagen and have found success in winning development Competitions. Klenergy raised 250.000 DKK in last 2 weeks while Eupry won a development competition gaining 100.000 DKK for developing their prototype and company even further. From our past, Bit Blue Print, Bikway and Labster are all tremendous success with each of them carving their own niche in the market. We see our list of companies growing in the future and we are looking to see you be a part of that growth.