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Welcome to Stardust-DTU –Stardust DTU

A community for supporting, assisting and facilitating the growth of student entrepreneurs and student startups at DTU. --- Check out our Startup Program to find out how! ---

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Stardust-DTU is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to creating an entrepreneurship community at the Technical University of Denmark. We achieve this by holding events over every semester to inspire, support and provide a toolbox of skills to the students and the entrepreneurial students.

Build Your Team Program, helps students with business ideas, connect with other skillful students in order to start a company together. You provide your set of skills and we help you meet the best co-founders to start-up together!

Stardust Startup Program, provides the students with a robust early-stage incubator to provide the founders with the skill set necessary to take their business idea and transform it into a company that can be scaled in a sustainable way.

Our members are students at DTU who volunteer their time and their skills to learn and help the entrepreneurial ecosystem here at DTU and Copenhagen.

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Become our next media partner. Support the entrepreneurial ecosystem at DTU by providing support to share the news upfront and center on what is happening. Contact us to find out how we can work together!

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