Sponsor af websted casinoer


Sponsor af websted casinoer

Sponsor af websted casinoer

Stardust is dedicated to partnering with the best . We have put significant efforts in creating valuable collaborations for the organization and our startups. When seeking for new partners, our actions are characterized by taking a unique approach tailored to the needs of each partner accordingly. We aim at developing a more personal relationship with every partner where trust is the key to success.

Additionaly, our partners constantly:

  • help us to define and evolve the vision of Stardust.
  • provide us with an ongoing opportunity to reach our goals.
  • follow and share our enthusiasm
  • contribute in making an impact within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We are concerned with developing a culture where everyone is involved and engaged in the improvement of the entrepreneurial scenery. Our curiosity brings to the front the best of our members and collaborators.

We offer the following partnership schemes:

Gold partners : T his type of sponsorship focus on premium level sponsors of the entire organization and our events.

Silver partners: Sponsors usually using the sponsorship to achieve a wide range of marketing and business objectives.

Team/Media partners : Partners usually using the sponsorship to achieve a more limited number of marketing and business objectives

Demoday and the Stardust Startup Program can’t happen without the help and support of our partners. Whether you are interested in sponsoring at Demoday and/or Stardust Startup Program, email [email protected] for more information.

Gold Partners

Silver Partners

Core Partners

Team partners