Stardust Startup Program

What is the program?

Stardust Startup Program is the premier pre-early stage Startup discovery and accelerator program at the Technical University of Denmark.

Is it for you?

The program is specifically designed to practice your soft skills that will complement your engineering knowledge. We welcome all students, recent graduates (up to 5 years), PhD and staff from DTU. For teams, at least one member must fulfill this condition.

How do we help?

We provide support and guidance through our partners and the best mentors to help your idea launch. And we do not take equity.


The program runs twice every year, during the fall and the spring semesters. It lasts 3 weeks and is manageable along your studies or work.


Support and services for you

Startups went through

Startups alive today

Revenue and funding received by incubated startups during and after


10 Reasons for joining Stardust Startup Program


11 Mentors

Expand your network, meet our 11 successful entrepreneurs or experts that are ready to dedicate their time if you need it. Just meet them in person.

1 Mentor Board Meeting

Because getting feedback is important, constructive feedback is even better! You’ll present twice your progress in front of our board of mentors and get out of it with great ideas to make your idea better!

6 Workshops

Learn all the soft skills like financing, IP, team management and building, pitching and much more! You’ll prepare before each workshop to be sure you get the most out of it.

Free legal consultation

You need to set up a shareholder agreement? Or you just got an amazing customer and you don’t know how to write contract? Our partner Lassen Ricard offer you 15 000 DKK worth of legal consultancy.


Free accounting advice

Our partner KPMG will help you going through the first year of accountability which can quickly turn into a nightmare is you don’t know how to do it! It is worth 15 000 DKK as well!


Get visibility

You’ll participate in 2 DemoDay events where more than 300 people attend and more than 40 professionals! Make a good impression, it’s worth it!


Join a Community

By joining the program you will become a member of a community of startup founders who are experiencing the same challenges you are facing in your entrepreneurial path! Why not help each other?


Prepare for the next step

Not only our mentors prepare you to ace the applications for the next level of incubators and accelerators; they also know how to get you the best funding possible!


Get money coming in

You will be trained on how to properly pitch you idea in front of an audience, on how to properly convey your message to potential investors. From there, it will only about your resilience!


Study and Startup at the same time!

The program runs along your studies and is not intensive. You are expected to to be prepared for each event and to keep working on your startup, but this will not prevent you from attending the regular courses at DTU.

Time left to apply



11-10-18 - 17:30 DemoDay #10

You will pitch your startup on stage in front of our jury made of our highly-experienced mentors (entrepreneurs, lawyers, investors). After your pitch, they will ask you questions and the top startups will be part of the Startup Program.



23-10-18 - 17:30 Workshop - Creativity for startups & being impactful



25-10-18 - 17:30 Workshop - Legal & Accounting 101

Get feedback from a jury of experienced mentors



30-10-18 - 17:30 Workshop - Pitching Fundamentals + Mentors board meeting



01-11-18 - 17:30 Workshop - Commercialization Techniques



06-11-18 - 17:30 Workshop - Funding



09-1-18 - 17:30 Workshop - Lean Startup Method + Friday beers (with mentors and alumni)

Get feedback from a jury of experienced mentors



TBA-xx-02-18 DemoDay #10




Our Mentors are professional entrepreneurs that are supporting the teams with their expertise and extended network. The list of mentors that are providing guidance to our startups in Fall 2017 is the following:

  • Jørgen Bek Weiss Hansen
  • Morten Høgh Petersen
  • Liva Echwald Tijsen
  • Thor Angelo
  • Nicolaj Højer Nielsen
  • Mads-Emil Gellert Larsen
  • Niklas Hall
  • Thomas Einfeldt
  • Jesper Hart Hansen
  • Pernille Spang Lyndega
  • Johnnie Bloch Jensen